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Why don't we use cardboard cutouts for Warhammer?
Mar, 14 2023 Daxton Fairchild

Why don't we use cardboard cutouts for Warhammer?

Cardboard cutouts are not usually used for Warhammer as they lack the detail, complexity and durability that the game requires. The pieces need to be highly detailed and have multiple layers of construction in order to accurately represent the characters, creatures, and environments that make up the game. Cardboard cutouts are simply not up to the task as they are too flimsy and lack the intricate details needed. Furthermore, they do not hold up well to the rigorous play that the game requires, making them a poor choice for Warhammer. By investing in high-quality miniatures, players can take advantage of the increased durability, detail, and complexity that make Warhammer such a great game.



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